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More than 13 years, MSTECH has become one of aircraft maintenance service provider in Indonesia. Reliable, safe, and timely schedule is our service parameters to satisfy our customer needs. Since 2015, develops its service maintenance to narrow body aircraft Boeing 737 series and Airbus A320. Delivery International quality standard is our commitments on each service  that we provide to our customers.

On going process on FAA Certification Program that launched on February 2017, is one of our continous improvement program and objective to ensure our customers receive the best quality of a MRO.

Aviation is the branch of engineering that is least forgiving of mistakes

Freeman Dyson

You can’t imagine a world, quite frankly, without a safe and secure aviation system. And so our job is to really focus on that, and what we need to do to keep it safe and secure

Janet Napolitano

Medical professionals are as skilled and as dedicated as any, but they operate within a fragmented system that has not progressed as far as we have in aviation

Chesley Sullenberger

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