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Highly experience and skilled,ability to learn, conscientiousness, outstanding interpersonal skills  and excellent adaptability in any environment.
Consciously make decisions and accept the consequences of  the action taken, organizing, consistent, on time and taking  initiatives.
Honest, strong moral principles, kind, trustworthy,  accountable, genuine, respect and value others.
Ability to work and deliver to the standards set forth by the company,  independent, punctual, focused, encourage and organized.
Loyal, fairness, concern for others, commitment to  excellence, leadership, obeying rules and regulations set  forth by the company.

Our Service

Base maintenance of various aircraft supported with large hanggar, professional personnel, and complete tools. We can provide the service of aircraft maintenance to 24/7 hours.

We also provide with the line maintenance service for aircraft operators in Indonesia and South East Asia region. With our professional licensed personnel, we prepare the aircraft to be ready in service for your operation through maintenance contracts and logistics support 24/7 hours. Be our commitment to be available in supporting our customer at anytime required.

Non Destructive Test (NDT) is one of our service that provide you a complete aircraft inspection that performed by our NDT personnel that has experience more than 25 years in this field.

Our Capability List

AMO DGCA Certificate No. 145D-598 Issued: 10-02-2020; Valid : 10-02-2022

Hanggar Facility

Human Resources

MSTech’s Engineers are having various back grounds, i.e. from Aircraft  Manufacturers, Aircraft Operators (Airliners as well as Air Charter), Repair-Overhaul Shops and any other related Maintenance Facilities, whom are  having more than 15 years of experience. Each one of them are licensed by  Indonesian Authority DGCA –Directorate General of Civil Aviation.

MSTech is committed in providing continuous trainings to its entire  personnel and staff, such as initial training, refreshing or recurrent training  as to keep them current and updated in fullfilling DGCA’s mandatory  requirements and any technical development in the business as well as  customer’s needs.

In maintaining its business sustainability, MSTech is also dedicated in its  human resources regeneration programs. Passing the skill and knowledge  to the younger generation in securing future existence of MSTech.


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